We are on a mission to reduce the market risk for South European Deep Tech

S3E is the Southern European Entrepreneurship Engine funded by the European Commission to improve the market connectedness & efficiency of research teams, startups & SMEs working on Deep Tech. We accelerate Deep Tech projects coming from research teams, and deep tech solutions coming from start-ups and SMEs that can impact social development and economic growth for a more sustainable future


Upskilling researchers to fast-track science to the market

Supporting growth stage startups in business development 

Brokering access to investment

Facilitating Open Innovation with Industry

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

Fields of application

S3E targets science and technology excellence in these fields: agricultural sciences, engineering and technology, life sciences, and natural sciences.

Engineering and Technology

Agricultural Sciences

Life Sciences

Physical Sciences

What is Deep Tech?

At S3E, we define Deep Tech as the umbrella term for all those technologies grounded on either scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation. Deep Tech nurtures the development of disruptive solutions built around unique, protected or hard-to-reproduce technological or scientific advances and drives the creation of products, processes or services that fulfill unmet (or ill-met) market needs.

The opportunity for Deep Tech in Europe

Deep Tech combines the high risk in getting an idea to actually work with proving market demand through a product. There is no doubt that Europe’s scientific prowess is world-class. Many of the EU’s top Deep Tech companies have their roots in academia and drew early support from grants… and yet, all Southern European countries are currently ranked as moderate and emerging Innovators.

For the scope of this project Southern European Countries include the following EU countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovenia and Spain and the following Associated countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

This divide is rooted both in the origin and the funding of the startups, and S3E is here to shake things up!

10B €

Annual EU investment in Deep Tech


of EU venture capital is Deep Tech

700B €

The combined worth of EU Deep Tech companies

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