In order to support the implementation of S3E REVERSE, we are calling deep tech brokers to match identified corporate challenges with the portfolio of solutions offered by scaling startups.



S3E Reserve is designed to help scaling start-ups and more mature SMEs to gain market traction through a pan-European brokerage program, that will connect them with corporates with certain challenges and problems, which they can work together to solve.

To learn more about the S3E REVERSE program, visit this site:

Deep Tech Brokers

The role of S3E deep tech brokers is to analyse the challenges posed by corporates that require relevant field of expertise, interview the liaison element of the corporate for a better understanding of the challenge and finetune its specification, analyse and interview scale start-ups that match their field(s) of expertise, choose the adequate solution provider and broker the contacts between the corporate and the start-up(s) that may have a solution to solve the challenge.

Brokers are considered eligible for the S3E Call for experts if complying with ALL the following rules:

  • High-level of expertise and professional experience in supporting technological innovation projects, growth and scaling startups.
  • Experience in the following science fields: agricultural sciences, engineering and technology, medical and health sciences, and natural sciences.
  • A very good level of English is required because it is the official language of the program.
  • Knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Experience in innovation support, evaluation, mentoring, and /or coaching.


Scope of collaboration

Deep Tech Brokers selected for our program are expected to dedicate around 10 hours in private consultations and meetings with the Challenge Organisations and/or the scale-ups to help them define their needs and agree on a common action plan that will be described in an MoU document.

This document will provide the basic requirements that will be needed by the scaleups to adapt or customise their solutions and products and will outline their future collaboration options: direct sale, common R&I project, pre-commercial procurements (PCPs) and public procurements of innovative solutions (PPIs) opportunities, further work etc. The work of the Tech Brokers will start at around July 2023 and will last till Dec 2023.


What are the benefits?

As well as benefiting from the opportunity to draw on their own experience and knowledge to help another colleague grow and develop, as an expert, brokers also benefit from the chance to:

🔶 Play an active role in the South European deep tech ecosystem.

🔶 Access to the S3E Community and expand your professional network.

🔶 Training on “Sustainable Development and Investments” with a certificate by the Institute for Sustainable Development at EPLO.

🔶 Connect with relevant EU institutions and stakeholders.

🔶 Have the opportunity to “give something back”:

    • Give insights into processes and practices that you are familiar with.
    • Share good practices from your own experience.
    • Offer perspectives and insights into new or different ways of doing things.
    • Enable new colleagues to hit the ground running and be as effective as possible in their roles.

🔶 Learn by gaining exposure to new ideas, approaches, and perspectives.

🔶 Gain recognition for your skills and experience and for your contribution as an expert, raising your professional profile.

🔶 Develop valuable interpersonal and communication skills such as listening and questioning.

🔶 Be at the forefront of the revolution of deep tech.


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