Nano-ink, led by researchers from Eskisehir Technical University, Izmir Katip Celebi University and Eskisehir Osmangazi University (Turkey), is one of the supported research teams in the first S3E Start Programme

This project is based on the development of innovative nanoparticle-enhanced printing inks (nano-inks) to facilitate energy efficiency indoors. Advancements in nanotechnology have enabled the manufacturing of materials at nanometre scale, leading to much better solutions to society’s problems. Once such solutions are highly accessible, more people can experience improvements in their lives. 

With the depletion of conventional energy sources and global warming, sustaining thermal comfort indoors has become an essential engineering problem. The Nano-ink team, consisting of two engineers and one ethicist, aims at developing novel materials for the fabrication of smart windows via the efficient and easy-to-be-scaled-up inkjet printing. Smart glasses exhibit switchable optical properties and can block the heat and radiation coming from the sun. Their implementation in buildings can reduce the cooling expenses by 30%. Their nano-ink makes the functional layer of the smart window to operate upon demand and have it exhibit the necessary optical response. One other innovative aspect is the versatility of the ink so that it is to be customised to users printing process and printhead. Nano-ink’s goal is to develop the nano-ink with peaking characteristics in accordance with responsible innovation aspects, targeting smart window producers who aim at tackling high costs of cooling and/or heating of indoors. They take sustainability seriously and are motivated in providing solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.  

Learn more about Nano-ink by watching the pitch done by researcher Elif Begum Elcioglu during the Start Open Day on 20th July 2023

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