The South3E consortium is thrilled to announce that S3E Start has been recognised by the prestigious EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative as one of the top training programmes pushing the boundaries of deep tech in Europe. Thanks to this acknowledgement, S3E Start now features proudly on the Courses section of the EIT’s website, alongside other expert-led programs focused on cultivating innovation and economic growth across the EU.

“This recognition is a testament to the quality and value of our program, and it further underscores the value and impact of our S3E Project as a whole. To be chosen for inclusion S3E Start underwent a rigorous quality check and we are proud to have met the high standards set by the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative,” says Claudia Barbosa, Chief Operating Officer at HiSeedTech and Leader of S3E Start.

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative is a pioneering programme led by the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT) whose mission is to upskill one million people within deep tech fields over the next three years. Shaped by the same ethos that drives South3E, the EIT also believes deep tech innovations are indispensable to address the most pressing global challenges.

Through the second Open Call for the S3E Program, South3E will continue supporting researchers and startups developing innovative deep tech solutions with social and sustainable impact at their core. Research teams and technology transfer offices interested in applying to the S3E Start Program can find all the information here. Applications close on 12 January 2024.

S3E Start Open Call 2


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