South3E has launched a new Open Call for scale-ups and SMEs from Southern Europe to join S3E Reverse — our brokerage program that connects corporate challenges with deep tech solutions developed by startups, designed upon a successful open innovation methodology.

Watch our latest info session and learn from Odysseas Spyroglou the main insights to apply to the Open Call!

How it works

SMEs and scaleups interested in participating are invited to submit a solution to address one of the challenges we’ve received from large organisations. Our deep tech brokers will select the most mature and fitting ‘Solver’, according to the ideas or products submitted, and match them with the challenger organisation.

Through S3E Reverse, the selected SMEs and scale-ups will benefit from a customised innovation support program designed specifically for them, which includes 1-1 business coaching and technology brokerage services.

The programme will operate on a first-come, first-served basis; when a match is identified by the Broker, the Challenger and the Solver will be notified so they can start working together. 

The challenges

1. Collaborative Intelligence in the Service of Humanity

Challenge organisation: Infinitivity Design Labs (IDL)

Solution needed: How can AI be designed to prioritise collaborative intelligence and effectively address human needs? Are there concrete use cases? The solution will need to demonstrate how AI can addressing specific human/business needs in various sectors (e.g. healthcare, agriculture), focusing on the collaborative intelligence aspect of AI.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

2. Route Optimisation for Meter Reading Collection

Challenge organisation: EYATh (Thessaloniki Water & Sewer Company S.A.)

Solution needed: Water meter routes currently lack geographical optimization. Considering traffic patterns and existing route parameters, can you develop a route optimisation tool for cost and time efficiency using geographical and network analysis?

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

3. Improving User Experience for Data Protection and Privacy

Challenge organisation: University Hospital Cologne

Solution needed: How can users have more control over health data usage, enhancing trust in data sharing for research? Help us design user-friendly and secure solutions giving citizens and patients greater control over their health data; consider routine and research workflows.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

4. Integrating collaborative robots into various facets of the food production industry

Challenge organisation: I4byDesign Competence Centre

Solution needed: Address the integration of collaborative robots (cobots) in the food production industry focusing on hygiene, safety, adaptability, human collaboration, quality control, traceability, sustainability, and resource efficiency. We’re looking for innovations in cobot technologies that enhance food safety, adapt to diverse environments, facilitate human-robot collaboration, ensure product quality, and promote sustainability.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

5. Weather Radar Interference

Challenge organisation: 3DSA – General Aviation Applications

Solution needed: 3DSA’s weather radars are experiencing interference from wireless communication devices operating on the same frequencies. This disrupts weather monitoring, potentially impacting storm tracking and warnings. We need solutions or technologies that can mitigate or filter severe interference on weather radar output, while maintaining accuracy in detecting precipitation and storm behaviour.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

6. Reduction of Free Melamine Content in Wastewater

Challenge organisation: Sonae Arauco

Solution needed: Due to melamine’s carcinogenic classification, how can it be removed from wastewater in processes like decorative paper impregnation? To tackle this challenge, you need to develop a competitive, industrially-applicable, and scalable solution to remove free melamine from wastewater without impacting current production processes.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

7. Automobile Sales Forecasting with AI: Reducing Deviation Rates and Improving Accuracy

Challenge organisation: Otokoç Otomotiv

Solution needed: Collaboration with a startup offering AI solutions can lead to more precise and reliable sales forecasts for Otokoç Otomotiv. Improved forecasting accuracy enables better business planning and strategy development. The use of advanced technology can help in adapting to market dynamics, especially with the evolving landscape of electric vehicles, and make informed decisions.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

8. AI Based Damage Inspection

Challenge organisation: Otokoç Otomotiv

Solution needed: A product or platform to detect vehicle damages using image processing technology. It should provide quick reports on the vehicle’s condition based on the detected damages. The solution should also analyze the cost of damages and provide information on whether vehicle parts need replacement, along with the associated prices.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

9. Creation of lightweight installation structure

Challenge organisation: Babylon Gardens

Solution needed: The solution should facilitate the easy installation and removal of plastic bottles, be economically and sustainably produced, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the installations.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

10. Enhancement of Operational Efficiency and Industry 4.0 Adoption

Challenge organisation: SOLIMPEKS

Solution needed: SOLIMPEKS faces challenges in various operational aspects, including investment planning, plant commissioning, facility layout, digital marketing and Industry 4.0 implementation. These challenges result in increased costs, reduced productivity, and decreased competitiveness. Addressing these issues requires adoption of advanced project management methodologies for investment commissioning, lean manufacturing principles for facility optimization, investment in digital marketing training and tools, and implementation of Industry 4.0

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

11. Reduction of Food Waste in Aquaculture

Challenge organisation: Strategis Maritime

Solution needed: Incorporate bioprocessing and extraction technologies, green chemistry, materials science for biomaterial development, and AI for waste characterization and process optimization to tackle food waste effectively.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

12. c-BEMS + CO2 Emissions Calculator

Challenge organisation: Inteligg

Solution needed: Advanced AI/ML algorithms for real-time energy management and emissions calculation, integration of IoT platforms for device and protocol management, and development of user-friendly interfaces for global remote monitoring.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

13. Internationalization of R&D

Challenge organisation: Innorma

Solution needed: A system capable of streamlining regulatory compliance, optimizing budget, ensuring technical scalability, minimizing environmental impact, and attracting skilled labor. There needs to be an emphasis on developing unique selling propositions and setting realistic development and market entry timelines.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

How to apply

Startups and SMEs interested in becoming a Solver to tackle one of the listed challenges will need to complete this online application form as soon as possible, considering the matching process is done on a first come – first serve basis. We advise all applicants to download and carefully read our Application Guidelines for further information about the program and the selection process.

The S3E Reverse Open Call for Solvers welcomes applications from startups and SMEs based in:

  • South European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.
  • Associated countriesAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey.

Please note: Solver organisations may apply for more than one Challenge, with different applications. The matching between challenge organisations and solvers will be kept confidential; all SMEs and startups will be notified regardless of the result of the selection process.

Key info to keep in mind

  • We will update the list of challenges on a monthly basis.
  • The final deadline to apply to the Call is 30 October 2024.
  • The matching process between the challenge organizations and solution providers will be on a first come – first serve basis, so the faster you submit your proposal the more chances you have to be selected for a suitable match.


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We look forward to creating long-lasting collaborations!

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