S3E Start 2024_Open Day

S3E hosts Start Open Day to unveil the selected deep tech projects from Southern Europe

The South3E consortium is to introduce the 14 deep tech projects participating in the 2024 edition of S3E Start, our program of support for research teams and technology transfer officers in Southern Europe. For this year's edition, we're really excited to announce that the full event will be broadcasted live from the iconic Tivoli BBVA Theatre in Lisbon!

After completing the 20-week programme of training and mentoring coordinated by HiSeedTech, focused on building a lab-to-market business strategy for their science-based products, the pioneering research teams are now ready to introduce their deep tech solutions to the European innovation ecosystem.

During the celebration of the Start Open Day, a total of 14 teams — encompassing nearly 60 researchers from academic institutions in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Greece and Türkiye — will take centre stage at the Tivoli BBVA Theatre in Lisbon .

When & where

This will be a hybrid event, taking place in-person at the Tivoli BBVA Theatre in Lisbon and broadcasted live on Tuesday 18th June 2024, 15:30 - 19:00 CET

How to participate?

Register to access the live stream on the day following . We strongly encourage Investors, Business Angels, Business Support Organisations, Innovation Agencies, Accelerators, Innovation Hubs and other researchers to attend!


  • 15:30 Opening session by a representative of the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)
  • 15:50 Welcome to S3E Deep Tech Revolution: Introduction to the S3E Start program by HiSeedTech
  • 16:00 Deep Tech projects presentation - Part 
  • 17:10 Break
  • 17:40 Inspirational talk: 'Deep Tech Entrepreneurship'
  • 18:10 Deep Tech projects presentation - Part II
  • 19:20 Closing remarks with HiSeedTech


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s3e charge 2024 open day

S3E Charge showcases the most innovative deep tech startups from Southern Europe in celebratory open day

On 24 April, the South3E consortium celebrated the end of this year's edition of the S3E Charge program, in a virtual open day that gathered the startups of the 2024 cohort to pitch in front of venture capitalists, business angels and other key stakeholders from across the European innovation ecosystem.

The event, which attracted 80+ people to register, marked the completion of the 18-week acceleration program that started earlier in January, coordinated and led by Christina Deligianni and Spyros Kouvelis from the Institute of Sustainable Development at EPLO.

Throughout their time with S3E Charge, the 17 selected startups and their teams received dedicated mentoring and support, as well as training through a series of webinars delivered by experts in innovation and entrepreneurship — a fully packed program centred around a key mission: to gear them up with all the necessary tools to successfully grow their businesses by expanding their reach and tapping into new markets and opportunities.

After 3 intense months, their journey culminated with the celebration of the S3E Charge Open Day, where they put all the skills and knowledge gained during the program to pitch their deep tech products and services, with the goal of introducing their solutions to European audiences and accessing funding opportunities.

"I'm very proud of all the participating teams. We've had the honour of working with very mature startups in this edition of S3E Charge, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they all progress and go from strength to strength now that they've officially graduated from the program. A big congratulations to all of them!" — Christina Deligianni

Besides the pitches delivered by 14 of the Charge startups (3 of them unfortunately couldn't attend due to unforeseen circumstances), the open day also counted with the support of Gerald Cultot from the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), and two of the top leading voices in the European innovation ecosystem: Sonia Marzo Arnaez from Microsoft, and international Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou.

The South3E team would like to express their gratitude to everyone involved in this year's edition of S3E Charge, including our community of mentors for the invaluable support and, of course, the participating startups for their commitment to the program and their drive to make a positive change in the world through their innovations.

"For the second year in a row, it's been a privilege to host an open day to celebrate a group of startups that are doing impressive work on promoting sustainability through their solutions. The goal of EPLO is to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals around the world in every way, and that's also our mission when working with the startups in this program, to empower them to 'do well by doing good'; to help them champion economic, environmental and societal growth." — Spyros Kouvelis

Full list of startups of S3E Charge 2024: Baukunst, Arquitectura y Patrimonio Virtual, BEDEV, Bomensoft, CRIAM, Archimed IoT, Ecobubble, ELNAV.AI, EntoProtein,  eXRciser, Innervoices, Intellectra Technologies, ivoluntry, MOVEN, Nanomik Biotechnology, Orbiba Robotics, QX and Rosey's Mark.

Did you miss the open day? You can now recap on the full event via our YouTube channel! If you don't fancy watching the whole recording in one go, make sure to check the time stamps to navigate directly to the startup pitches.


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S3E SOLVERS_Open Call 2

S3E Reverse launches Open Call #2 for Solvers — new challenges added!

South3E has launched a new Open Call for scale-ups and SMEs from Southern Europe to join S3E Reverse — our brokerage program that connects corporate challenges with deep tech solutions developed by startups, designed upon a successful open innovation methodology.

Watch our latest info session and learn from Odysseas Spyroglou the main insights to apply to the Open Call!


How it works

SMEs and scaleups interested in participating are invited to submit a solution to address one of the challenges we've received from large organisations. Our deep tech brokers will select the most mature and fitting 'Solver', according to the ideas or products submitted, and match them with the challenger organisation.

Through S3E Reverse, the selected SMEs and scale-ups will benefit from a customised innovation support program designed specifically for them, which includes 1-1 business coaching and technology brokerage services.

The programme will operate on a first-come, first-served basis; when a match is identified by the Broker, the Challenger and the Solver will be notified so they can start working together. 

The challenges

1. Collaborative Intelligence in the Service of Humanity

Challenge organisation: Infinitivity Design Labs (IDL)

Solution needed: How can AI be designed to prioritise collaborative intelligence and effectively address human needs? Are there concrete use cases? The solution will need to demonstrate how AI can addressing specific human/business needs in various sectors (e.g. healthcare, agriculture), focusing on the collaborative intelligence aspect of AI.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

2. Route Optimisation for Meter Reading Collection

Challenge organisation: EYATh (Thessaloniki Water & Sewer Company S.A.)

Solution needed: Water meter routes currently lack geographical optimization. Considering traffic patterns and existing route parameters, can you develop a route optimisation tool for cost and time efficiency using geographical and network analysis?

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

3. Improving User Experience for Data Protection and Privacy

Challenge organisation: University Hospital Cologne

Solution needed: How can users have more control over health data usage, enhancing trust in data sharing for research? Help us design user-friendly and secure solutions giving citizens and patients greater control over their health data; consider routine and research workflows.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

4. Integrating collaborative robots into various facets of the food production industry

Challenge organisation: I4byDesign Competence Centre

Solution needed: Address the integration of collaborative robots (cobots) in the food production industry focusing on hygiene, safety, adaptability, human collaboration, quality control, traceability, sustainability, and resource efficiency. We're looking for innovations in cobot technologies that enhance food safety, adapt to diverse environments, facilitate human-robot collaboration, ensure product quality, and promote sustainability.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

5. Weather Radar Interference

Challenge organisation: 3DSA - General Aviation Applications

Solution needed: 3DSA's weather radars are experiencing interference from wireless communication devices operating on the same frequencies. This disrupts weather monitoring, potentially impacting storm tracking and warnings. We need solutions or technologies that can mitigate or filter severe interference on weather radar output, while maintaining accuracy in detecting precipitation and storm behaviour.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

6. Reduction of Free Melamine Content in Wastewater

Challenge organisation: Sonae Arauco

Solution needed: Due to melamine's carcinogenic classification, how can it be removed from wastewater in processes like decorative paper impregnation? To tackle this challenge, you need to develop a competitive, industrially-applicable, and scalable solution to remove free melamine from wastewater without impacting current production processes.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

7. Automobile Sales Forecasting with AI: Reducing Deviation Rates and Improving Accuracy

Challenge organisation: Otokoç Otomotiv

Solution needed: Collaboration with a startup offering AI solutions can lead to more precise and reliable sales forecasts for Otokoç Otomotiv. Improved forecasting accuracy enables better business planning and strategy development. The use of advanced technology can help in adapting to market dynamics, especially with the evolving landscape of electric vehicles, and make informed decisions.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

8. AI Based Damage Inspection

Challenge organisation: Otokoç Otomotiv

Solution needed: A product or platform to detect vehicle damages using image processing technology. It should provide quick reports on the vehicle's condition based on the detected damages. The solution should also analyze the cost of damages and provide information on whether vehicle parts need replacement, along with the associated prices.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

9. Creation of lightweight installation structure

Challenge organisation: Babylon Gardens

Solution needed: The solution should facilitate the easy installation and removal of plastic bottles, be economically and sustainably produced, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the installations.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

10. Enhancement of Operational Efficiency and Industry 4.0 Adoption

Challenge organisation: SOLIMPEKS

Solution needed: SOLIMPEKS faces challenges in various operational aspects, including investment planning, plant commissioning, facility layout, digital marketing and Industry 4.0 implementation. These challenges result in increased costs, reduced productivity, and decreased competitiveness. Addressing these issues requires adoption of advanced project management methodologies for investment commissioning, lean manufacturing principles for facility optimization, investment in digital marketing training and tools, and implementation of Industry 4.0

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

11. Reduction of Food Waste in Aquaculture

Challenge organisation: Strategis Maritime

Solution needed: Incorporate bioprocessing and extraction technologies, green chemistry, materials science for biomaterial development, and AI for waste characterization and process optimization to tackle food waste effectively.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

12. c-BEMS + CO2 Emissions Calculator

Challenge organisation: Inteligg

Solution needed: Advanced AI/ML algorithms for real-time energy management and emissions calculation, integration of IoT platforms for device and protocol management, and development of user-friendly interfaces for global remote monitoring.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

13. Internationalization of R&D

Challenge organisation: Innorma

Solution needed: A system capable of streamlining regulatory compliance, optimizing budget, ensuring technical scalability, minimizing environmental impact, and attracting skilled labor. There needs to be an emphasis on developing unique selling propositions and setting realistic development and market entry timelines.

Solve this challenge: Apply here.

How to apply

Startups and SMEs interested in becoming a Solver to tackle one of the listed challenges will need to complete this online application form as soon as possible, considering the matching process is done on a first come - first serve basis. We advise all applicants to download and carefully read our Application Guidelines for further information about the program and the selection process.

The S3E Reverse Open Call for Solvers welcomes applications from startups and SMEs based in:

  • South European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.
  • Associated countriesAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey.

Please note: Solver organisations may apply for more than one Challenge, with different applications. The matching between challenge organisations and solvers will be kept confidential; all SMEs and startups will be notified regardless of the result of the selection process.

Key info to keep in mind

  • We will update the list of challenges on a monthly basis.
  • The final deadline to apply to the Call is 30 October 2024.
  • The matching process between the challenge organizations and solution providers will be on a first come – first serve basis, so the faster you submit your proposal the more chances you have to be selected for a suitable match.


S3E SOLVERS_Open Call 2

We look forward to creating long-lasting collaborations!

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S3E Charge open day 2024

S3E celebrates the Charge Open Day 2024 to introduce Southern Europe's top deep tech startups

Want to find out more about the teams pitching on the Open Day? ➡️

The South3E consortium is thrilled to be hosting an online Open Day on 24th April to introduce the 17 startups participating in the 2024 edition of S3E Charge, the EU-funded Acceleration Program for deep tech growth startups.

After completing the 14-week program of training and mentoring focused on developing an investment-ready business plan, the 17 selected startups are now ready to start accessing dilutive and non-dilutive funding opportunities within Europe and beyond. Thanks to the upcoming Open Day, all the startups' teams will have the opportunity to pitch in front of international investors looking for innovative and disruptive deep tech solutions across diverse sectors from agritech and healthcare, all the way to naval, tourism and cultural industries.

Read the official Press Release


The event will take place virtually on Wednesday 24th April 2024, 13:00 - 16:00 CET

How to participate?

 Register to the Open Day following this link. We strongly encourage Investors, Business Angels, Business Support Organisations, Innovation Agencies, Accelerators and Innovation Hubs to attend!


  • 13:00 Opening session by Stella Konakchieva, Project Officer at European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)
  • 13:10 Welcome to S3E Deep Tech Revolution: Introduction to Innovation and Sustainability by EPLO Institute for Sustainable Development
  • 13:20 Startups presentation - Part I: Baukunst | BEDEV | Bomensoft | CRIAM knowledge | DataFruit IIoT | ELNAV.AI
  • 14:05 Inspirational Speech by Sonia Marzo Arnaez, Customer Success Manager at Microsoft
  • 14:15 Startups presentation - Part II: EntoProtein | eXRciser | Innervoices | Intellectra technologies | Ivoluntry | Moven
  • 15:00 Inspirational Speech by Dimitrios Kalavros-Gousiou, Venture Character and Capital Investor
  • 15:10 Startups presentation - Part III: Nanomik Biotechnology | Orbiba Robotics | Ecobubble | QX | Rosey's Mark
  • 15:50 Closing session by Spyros Kouvelis, Director EPLO Institute for Sustainable Development

Register now!

S3E Charge open day 2024


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S3E Start: Introducing the 2024 cohort of deep tech research teams

S3E Start: Meet the research teams selected to join the 2024 cohort

After a very competitive and thorough selection process, and thanks to the expert help of the S3E Evaluators, we are very excited to announce the research teams and technology transfer offices (TTOs) that have been selected to join the second edition of S3E Start!

During the second Open Call for S3E Start— which launched on 18 September 2023 and closed on 15 January 2024 — we received a total of 65 applications from research teams and TTOs from all across Southern Europe. From those, 14 research teams and 11 TTOs have been selected to conform the new cohort of S3E Start, welcoming a total of 80 researchers in this year's edition. Keep on reading to find out who they are!

Meet the 14 research teams selected for S3E Start 2024

BioScreen 🇷🇴

Blood2Power 🇵🇹

  • Research Team: Andreia Trindade Pereira, Daniela Sousa, Herbert Middleton, Inês Gonçalves and Salomé Luís
  • Institution: i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde
  • Technology: A pioneering power-generating system that harnesses electrical energy from the movement of body fluids, like blood, to power medical devices.

BreastScreening-AI 🇵🇹

  • Research Team: André Fadiga, Carlos Santiago and Francisco Maria Calisto
  • Institutions: Instituto Superior Técnico LisboaUniversidade de Coimbra and Universidade da Maia
  • Technology: An advanced AI-driven diagnostic tool that integrates mammography, ultrasound and MRI data to enhance breast cancer detection accuracy, reducing diagnostic times and minimizing false positives and negatives.

C-Anal View 🇮🇹

  • Research Team: Ilaria Toniolo, Francesca Rizzi and Lino Polese
  • TTO: Francesca Rizzi
  • Institution: Università di Padova
  • Technology: A fenestrated anoscope and colonoscopy-compatible tool that improves tissue sampling, detects anal neoplastic lesions, and minimizes procedural risks. Its primary function is to enable precise visualization of the anal canal and rectum.

Comprehensive Pathogen Surveillance Ecosystem (CPSE) 🇹🇷

  • Research Team: Cihan İspanoğlu, Ege Dedeoğlu, Gültekin Ünal and Hamza Yusuf Altun
  • Institution: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Ankara University
  • Technology: A comprehensive service suite for pathogen monitoring, delivering detailed reports via a customized database. It securely centralizes monitoring data, offers customizable diagnostics and optimizes action efficiency.


  • Research Team: Anna Mastrogiorgi, Eleftheria Perivola, Marios Fragkioglou, Minas M. Stylianakis and Vasileios Tzatzadakis
  • Institution: Hellenic Mediterranean University
  • Technology: DOPANTS uses polymer nanocomposites to enhance safety and sustainability in medical consumables, offering infection resistance, customization via 3D printing, durability and reduction of environmental impact.


  • Research Team: Aurelijus Rinkevičius, Marius Kriukovas, Greta Čerškutė, Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvienienė and Vytenis Mockus
  • Institution: Vilnius University
  • Technology: An AI-powered platform for construction material selection and recommendation. It analyzes projects from Building Information Models (BIM), suggests optimal materials, increasing selection accuracy by 60% and saving 20% project time.


  • Research Team: Alexandra Pinto, Diogo Silva, Helder Nunes and Lucas Marcon
  • Institutions: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do PortoUniversal H2 and INEGI
  • Technology: A plug-and-play off-grid production system providing clean fuel for boat owners and sodium borates for chemical industries. It offers hydrogen and power production, IP-protected borate, and promotes circular economy.

miRALS 129 🇮🇹

  • Research Team: Linda Ottoboni, Mafalda Rizzuti and Stefania Corti
  • TTO: Alessandro Cervi and Margherita Chierici
  • Institutions: Fondazione IRCCS Ca'Granda Policlinico Maggiore Hospital and Università di Milano
  • Technology: miRSEN is an active pharmaceutical ingredient that inhibits microRNA-129, an upregulated miRNA found in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients, slowing down the progression of the disease.


  • Research Team: Cláudia Letras, Madalena Mendonça, Margarida Espada and Pedro Barbosa
  • Institution: Universidade de Évora
  • Technology: NemAway is a fast and efficient bionematicide, targeting a broad spectrum of plant-parasitic nematodes. It is environmentally friendly and can be easily applied to crops through contact or soil fumigation.

OncoMagnetoSweep 🇵🇹

  • Research Team: Diana Fonseca, Luísa Fialho and Marta Laranjeira
  • TTO: Natacha Rosa
  • Institution: i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde
  • Technology: A magnetic extracorporeal device removing cancer cells from blood, enhancing treatment by reducing side effects, treatment time, and sessions, with a global cost reduction.

OncoMets 🇵🇹

  • Research Team: Ana Sofia Ribeiro, Bruno Freitas, Inês Conde, Joana Paredes and Rita Carvalho
  • TTO: Bárbara Macedo
  • Institutions: LEPABE-FEUP and i3S - Instituto de Investigação e inovação em Saúde
  • Technology: A blood-based In vitro diagnostics (IVD) tool providing real-time monitoring for breast cancer. It offers accurate, non-invasive detection of recurrent cancer earlier than traditional methods, enabling timely interventions and improving patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.


  • Research Team: Rute Pinto and Pedro Ferreirinha
  • Institution: i3S - Instituto de Investigação e inovação em Saúde
  • Technology: THYMI offers for the first time the possibility to produce in laboratory patient-specific T cells that can be ready use to supplement patient immunity with no risk of transplanted cell rejection or side-effects.


  • Research Team: Luís Tiago Paiva, Fernando Fontes, Gabriel Fernandes, Manuel Fernandes, Rui Costa and Sérgio Vinha
  • Institutions: Universidade do Porto and Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica (Universidade de Coimbra)
  • Technology: ZEPHYRUS is a transportable airborne device that converts wind energy into electricity, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable power in remote locations lacking access to the electricity grid.

S3E START is a program designed to help research teams and tech transfer officers to explore the commercial viability of their deep tech projects. Through an 18-week online training & mentorship program, the selected research teams will learn first-hand about the processes required to develop a business case for science-based products or services.

The 18-week immersive experience involves weekly online tutorials to guide the research teams in the development of a strong business case for their technology, and a series of webinars on diverse topics to help them build up relevant skills in intellectual property, technology commercialisation, how to pitch for funding, etc. Each team will be paired with a dedicated mentor who will guide them through the market validation for their deep tech research project, thus receiving 1-1 support for the development of their business case.

The whole South3E consortium is very proud to welcome these 14 research teams into the S3E Start program. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey with S3E!

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Digital illustration of a rocket taking off to space, with text that reads: S3E Charge: introducing the 2024 cohort of deep tech startups

S3E Charge: Meet the startups selected to join the 2024 cohort

After a very competitive and thorough selection process, and thanks to the expert help of the S3E Evaluators, we are very excited to announce the startups that have been selected to join the second edition of S3E Charge!

During the second Open Call for S3E Charge — which launched on 18 September 2023 and closed on 12 December 2023 — we received a total of 47 applications from growth startups from all across Southern Europe. From those, 17 have been selected to conform the new cohort of S3E Charge. Keep on reading to find out who they are!

Meet the 17 startups selected for S3E Charge 2024

Baukunst 🇪🇸

Based in Valencia, Baukunst is a heritage preservation specialist startup building 3D and Augmented Reality applications to build immersive experiences around monuments and cultural sites. They embrace tradition and modernity to provide solutions that transcend temporal boundaries, while fostering appreciation and understanding of historical heritage. The team is led by CEO Adolfo Bartolome Ibañez Vila, CTO David Cervera Vila and CDO Sebastians Jans.


Founded by Gonçalo Pereira da Fonseca, BEDEV is a Portuguese medtech startup using 3D printing to develop early stage medical devices that are environmentally, socially and economically friendlier, while keeping patient safety at their core.

Bomensoft 🇹🇷

Turkish startup Bomensoft Computer Technologies is specialised in artificial intelligence technologies. It operates as an R&D company, conducting research and leading on designs around AI-related concepts such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning. Founded in 2020 in Konya, Türkiye, by Bora Ozdemir.


Headquartered in Braga (Portugal), CRIAM follows a clear mission: to ensure every patient that needs help is adequately diagnosed and treated. With this aim in mind, this startup has developed a multi-purpose, electricity independent, easy-to-use and portable single-test Point of Care (PoC) diagnostics tool for rapid, highly accurate, automatized (no human error) and affordable blood testing. The team is led by CEO Victor Crespo and CSO Ljiljana Dukanovic.

DataFruit IIoT 🇧🇬

Bulgarian startup DataFruit IIoT is building an integrated platform which gathers, monitors, manages and analyses trends for sustainable manufacturing of goods and green energy. Their ambition is to help organisations become more effective and adopt planet-friendly practices. 

Ecobubble 🇮🇹

Established in Rome in 2019, Ecobubble is an innovative green tech startup that promotes new ways to design and manage green areas by optimising water management, reducing local pollutants and improving the quality of agricultural products in urban environments - they're current developing their newest project, Plantiverse. The team is led by Co-Founders Nicola Nestacelli and Federico Di Vincenzo.


Croatian startup ELNAV.AI works with the latest technology in speech recognition to offer a competitive advantage in the maritime industry, enhancing communication and reducing navigational errors. The team includes CEO Hrvoje Mihovilović, Software Developer Ivan Biliškov, and Marketing Director Mislav Biondić.

EntoProtein 🇬🇷

Co-founded by Greek entrepreneurs George Rodopoulos and Alexandros Simalidis, EntoProtein are committed to providing innovative and sustainable insect-derived protein products to help solve global food challenges. Their mission is to create a healthier, more sustainable food system, having sustainability, innovation and compassion as their flagship values.

eXRciser 🇪🇸

Spanish health-tech startup eXRciser combines the power of wellness and extended reality (XR) to take the workout game to the next level, implementing elements of immersive technology, gamification and hyper-personalisation to enhance individuals' physical activity and overall wellbeing. The core team, located in Madrid, is led by Co-Founder Francisco Ros Peran and CTO Manuel Pasamontes.

Innervoices 🇪🇸

Innervoices is a revolutionary app designed to reconnect with inner selves. By providing personalised insights and guidance, it empowers individuals to navigate life's dilemmas thanks to cutting-edge technology and social science research. This Barcelona-based tech startup was co-founded by Maja Završnik and Mel Awasi.

Intellectra Technologies 🇨🇾

Headquartered in Nicosia, Intellectra's mission is to reshape the wireless cybersecurity landscape for safeguarding and supporting the digital infrastructures of the future. They focus on pushing boundaries in multiprotocol wireless systems and platforms, as well as developing intricate mechanical solutions like Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing. The core team includes CEO Michalis Kyriacou, CTO Makis Christou and Projects Director Christos Mavrides.

ivoluntry 🇬🇷

Greek startup ivoluntry has built a digital platform focused on organising and improving the conditions of volunteering activities. It connects volunteers with actions, offers appropriate digital support to institutions, enhances scientific research through volunteer actions and contributes to the development of voluntourism. The team is led by CEO Andreas Kountouras, CMO Errika Zeler and CTO Antipas Azoidis.


MOVEN is a Spanish innovation consultancy specialised in bringing new solutions into the urban mobility sector, with a key focus on helping Southern European cities and businesses transforming their approach to urban design, transportation, and more. The team is led by CEO Sergio Diez and Innovation Manager Inmaculada Caballero.

Nanomik Biotechnology 🇹🇷

Turkish startup Nanomik develops and produces microencapsulated biopesticides for food and agricultural products that protects them against food spoilage without affecting their quality. Their R&D team, led by Aslı Erdoğ, is specialised in formulation development, new bio-molecule discovery, bio-engineering of microorganisms and process development for bio-manufacturing. The rest of the core team includes Co-Founders Buse Berber Örçen and Arda Örçen.

Orbiba Robotics 🇹🇷

Agri-tech startup Orbiba Robotics operates under a well determined philosophy: ​“People become what they eat”. To support organic agriculture practitioners become highly efficient, they design and build small, affordable robots that have a minimal carbon footprint, operate on renewable energy and offer a high-return on investment. Funded by ilker Bektas.

QX 🇲🇰

An innovative tech startup from North Macedonia, QX is pioneering a decentralised consumer network that reshapes European B2C retail interactions, leveraging blockchain for enhanced consumer and retail experiences. The team is led by its Co-Founder and CEO, Zoran Nasteski.

Rosey's Mark 🇧🇬

With a combined knowledge in high-tech and cosmetic science, Rosey’s Mark uses the Bulgarian rose flower as a valuable multi-purpose ingredient to create high quality and clean label functional food products. Their goal is to support the wellbeing of the conscious consumers around the world in a sustainable and non-invasibe way. The team is led by Co-Founders Rositsa Paunova-Dlagnekova and Ina Abadjieva.

S3E CHARGE is a program that we have designed for growth start-ups with deep tech products, services, or process concepts, grounded in a scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation and at a growth development stage, that are already in the market. The program will facilitate selected growth startups to be better aligned with Horizon Europe’s goals, namely by better positioning them to apply for public or private funding and programs, assisting them in linking their business offerings to market needs and becoming market ready to pitch and attract investments whilst having validated and honed their business plan and value proposition.

During the following 14 weeks, the selected startups will participate in a tailor-made mentoring and networking program that aims to provide skills to growth startups to enable them to:

  • link the product/service/process product with market needs,
  • better communicate their offerings to potential clients and investors,
  • become market ready to pitch, persuade and readapt the business offerings to different audiences, depending on market needs
  • connect to ‘Innovation Leaders’ and ‘Strong Innovators’ Ecosystems
  • better understand to protect IP
  • prepare an investment ready business plan
  • get access to funds and funding

The whole South3E consortium is very proud to welcome these 17 startups into the S3E Charge program. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey with S3E!

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S3E consortium impresses the Turkish innovation ecosystem during the Open Call #2 Roadshow

South3E colleagues from HiSeedTech, AUSTRALO and International Development Ireland (IDI) recently gathered in Turkey for what could potentially be the project's most successful roadshow to date. The consortium travelled to Ankara and Istanbul with one goal in mind: to make new connections while promoting our mission and the second Open Call for the S3E Program - which will be closing very soon!

The roadshow started off in Ankara on 20th November, where Pedro Vilarinho and Odysseas Spyroglou met with ODTÜ Teknoloji Transfer Ofisi and TOBB ETÜ Teknoloji Transfer Ofisi to introduce S3E's support for TTOs and promote the Open Call #2 opportunities. The rest of the South3E representatives arrived the following day, on the 21st, to attend the Consortium Meeting at the Limak Ambassadore Hotel; the EPLO team, led by Christina Deligianni, joined virtually.

The highlight of the trip was, undoubtedly, having the opportunity to formally introduce the S3E Program in Istanbul in front of a lively community of Turkish researchers, startups and TTOs, and promote the opportunities entailed by the Open Call #2. Elifnaz Unay, International Projects Specialist at YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark, played a pivotal role in helping the South3E consortium organising a successful event at Yildiz Technical University on 22nd November, with more than 60 in person participants.

"It was a privilege to facilitate an environment where ground-breaking initiatives like the S3E Program could be introduced to our vibrant Innovation Ecosystem. I'd like to express a heartfelt thank you to the S3E team for sharing your mission with us. Witnessing the dedication of everyone involved was truly inspiring," said Elifnaz.

Pedro Vilarinho opened the session with an inspiring speech, highlighting the key role that researchers and entrepreneurs play towards advancing Deep Tech innovation in Southern Europe and neighbour countries. Our Project Coordinator, Claudia Barbosa, took the stage to introduce South3E as the EU-funded initiative helping to reduce the market risk for Deep Tech in Southern European countries, while fostering sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cristina Simoes, from HiSeedTech, introduced the S3E Start Program, highlighting how it's been designed to help researchers and technology transfer offices explore the commercial viability of their deep tech projects. She was followed by Claudia, who presented the S3E Charge Accelerator, the mentoring and networking program for growth startups looking to access funding opportunities and to expand their business operations into new markets. Odysseas closed the session with  S3E Reverse, our brokerage program for large corporations and scaleups to tackle Deep Tech challenges together through disruptive innovation.

The event concluded with a vivid Q&A and networking session where we met and connected with the participants and discussed about their potential involvement in the S3E Program opportunities. We received many interest and we look forward to welcoming many Turkish researchers, TTOs, and startups into the S3E Open Call #2!

The Roadshow continued the following day, 23rd November with a meeting with İTÜ ARI Teknokent. Our colleagues Pedro, Cristina, and Claudia found so many synergies with the role that İTÜ ARI is developing providing the proper environment and opportunities to enable technology companies and entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize technologies, contributing to technological development in Turkey and the success of generating entrepreneurial ideas, and using ITU’s academic power to accomplish innovations rather than follow.

Let's continue fostering a culture of collaboration and growth, and keep fuelling innovation together 🚀✨

Find out more about South3E and our mission!

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eit deep tech talent initiative

S3E Start recognised by the prestigious EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative

The South3E consortium is thrilled to announce that S3E Start has been recognised by the prestigious EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative as one of the top training programmes pushing the boundaries of deep tech in Europe. Thanks to this acknowledgement, S3E Start now features proudly on the Courses section of the EIT’s website, alongside other expert-led programs focused on cultivating innovation and economic growth across the EU.

“This recognition is a testament to the quality and value of our program, and it further underscores the value and impact of our S3E Project as a whole. To be chosen for inclusion S3E Start underwent a rigorous quality check and we are proud to have met the high standards set by the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative,” says Claudia Barbosa, Chief Operating Officer at HiSeedTech and Leader of S3E Start.

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative is a pioneering programme led by the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT) whose mission is to upskill one million people within deep tech fields over the next three years. Shaped by the same ethos that drives South3E, the EIT also believes deep tech innovations are indispensable to address the most pressing global challenges.

Through the second Open Call for the S3E Program, South3E will continue supporting researchers and startups developing innovative deep tech solutions with social and sustainable impact at their core. Research teams and technology transfer offices interested in applying to the S3E Start Program can find all the information here. Applications close on 12 January 2024.

S3E Start Open Call 2


We look forward to creating long-lasting collaborations!

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S3E Open Call for Experts

S3E Open Call 2 for Experts: join our mission to boost deep tech innovation in Southern Europe

The South3E consortium is thrilled to launch the second Open Call for Experts who would like to join our mission — to build a robust deep tech innovation ecosystem in Southern Europe. This a unique opportunity to actively contribute towards the EU's ambition to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in these key regions, by sharing your valuable knowledge to support startups and researchers shaping a more sustainable and forward-thinking future for Southern Europe.

🚀 Apply now to join our community of S3E Experts!

How can you contribute towards the S3E mission?

You can be a part of our community of S3E Experts in different ways, depending on your professional experience and how you would like to contribute towards South3E's mission:

  • Evaluators will be responsible for assessing proposals submitted by applicants for our S3E Open Call #2 - you will help to select the research teams and TTOs that get to join the S3E Start program and which startups will make into the S3E Charge accelerator program.
  • Mentors for deep tech projects will guide research teams selected for the S3E Start program to develop a business case for a product, service or process grounded on a scientific discovery or a meaningful engineering technology.
  • Mentors for deep tech growth startups will assist the selected participants in the S3E Charge program to develop an investment-ready business plan that will help access dilutive and non-dilutive funding opportunities.

* On 15 November we will also launch a separate call for Deep Tech Brokers for the S3E Reverse program, to help to match corporate challenges with the solutions offered by scaling startups. !

What type of profiles are we looking for?

To be eligible to apply, experts must meet the following criteria:

  • You have a high-level of expertise in supporting technological innovation, preferably in deep tech projects developed by researchers and startups
  • You have vast knowledge in the following scientific fields: agricultural sciences, engineering and technology, medical and health sciences and natural sciences
  • You are able to efficiently communicate in English (the official language of the program), both speaking and writing
  • You are familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations
  • You are passionate about providing innovation support, and are experienced in evaluating, mentoring and/or coaching

Note: The selected Experts will act as individuals and not as representatives of a specific organisation.

What do you get in return?

There are many personal and professional benefits to gain from helping others by sharing your own experience and knowledge. On top of the 'feel good factor', you will also get to take advantage of the following opportunities that come from joining the S3E community:

  • Being publicly recognised for playing an active role in building the Southern European deep tech ecosystem
  • Expand your professional network by connecting with other innovation leaders and relevant EU institutions and stakeholders
  • Gain exclusive exposure to new ideas, approaches, and perspectives shaping the present and future of Europe
  • Enhance your professional profile by gaining recognition for your skills, experience and contributions towards S3E
  • Be at the forefront of the South European deep tech revolution!

How to apply and key dates to keep in mind

To apply to become an Expert for S3E, simply download the guiding materials we have prepared, where you will find all the key information you need to know, and then submit your online application form via the F6S platform.

The deadline closes on 30 November 2023 at 17:00 CET. Once our internal team evaluates all applications, we will announce the selected Experts on 11 December 2023. Depending on the role you have applied for, you will be expected to commit to the program for the following timeframes:

  • If you are selected as Evaluator for S3E Open Call 2: You will be reviewing S3E Charge applications between 18 December 2023 – 8 January 2024, and S3E Start applications between 12 – 26 January 2024
  • If you are selected as Mentor for S3E Start: You will be mentoring your designated research team between 6 February – 6 June 2024
  • If you are selected as Mentor for S3E Charge: You will be mentoring your designated startup between 18 January – 26 April 2024

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! You can email the S3E Team at info@south3e.eu

S3E Open Call for Experts

We look forward to welcoming you into our community of Experts!

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S3E Open Call 2 Apply Now

The S3E Open Call #2 has officially launched!

The wait is finally over! The S3E – Southern European Entrepreneurship Engine consortium is excited to announce the official launch of the second Open Call for the three tracks of the : Start, Charge & Reverse.

S3E is the ultimate program of support for entrepreneurs in Southern Europe developing Deep Tech solutions with social and sustainable impact at their core. Each track is dedicated to three main groups operating within the innovation ecosystem: researchers and TTOs working on a project as a team, startups at their growth stage, and corporates interested in joining forces with scaleups/SMEs.

The S3E Charge program has been an invaluable experience. The theoretical sessions and mentorship have greatly supported our growth and have improved the key strategies to effectively communicate our value proposition. We highly recommend this program to other entrepreneurs, as it provides the necessary tools and connections for success in the Deep Tech industry.

Naeria Navarro Navarro CTO, Fresh Water Nature SL - Charge Startup

What's the difference between the 3 tracks?

  • S3E Start: helps research teams and tech transfer officers to explore the commercial viability of their deep tech projects. Through an 18-week online training & mentorship program, the selected research teams will learn first-hand about the processes required to develop a business case for science-based products or services.
  • S3E Charge: supports deep tech startups in their growing phase that want to improve their business model and learn how to access dilutive and non-dilutive funding. Over 14 weeks, the selected startups will receive tailored mentorship to guide them through the validation process of their product or service, and the creation of an investment-ready business plan. 
  • S3E Reverse: connects corporate challenges with solutions developed by scaleups and SMEs thanks to our Brokerage Program, based on a successful open innovation methodology. To access the first phase of this track, large companies and public organisations have to submit a deep tech challenge.

You can find all the relevant information about each track on the section on our website.

How to apply

Those interested in joining the S3E Program need to follow these steps:

  1. Read all information about the S3E Program to decide which track best suits you
  2. Once you know which track you want to apply to, download the relevant track Guidelines for Applicants and the Open Call Text via Zenodo: +
  3. After carefully reading the mandatory documents, you can now complete your application via the F6S online platform: S3E Charge application for Startups + S3E Start application for Researchers + S3E Start application for Tech Transfer Offices

The S3E Open Call #2 welcomes applications from the following countries:

  • South European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. 
  • Associated countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey.

The S3E Start program has a comprehensive curriculum that provided us with the necessary information on deep-tech commercialization. With the TEC sessions, webinars and mentor meetings, we had the chance to learn from experts. The S3E team has been very supportive and answered all the questions we had. We strongly recommend this program.

Elif Begum Elcioglu NANO INK - Start Researcher

Key dates to keep in mind

  • 18 September 2023 (12pm CET):  The S3E Open call officially launches for the 3 tracks: S3E Start, S3E Charge and S3E Reverse
  • 15 December 2023 (5pm CET): Deadline for applying to S3E Charge (startups) and S3E Reverse (large organisations acting as ‘Challengers’)
  • 12 January 2024 (5pm CET): Deadline for applying to S3E Start (research teams & tech transfer officers)

Join our upcoming S3E Info Webinars!

To help this year's applicants prepare for their submissions, the teams behind S3E Start & S3E Charge will be hosting a series of Q&A Webinars. These sessions provide an open space to everyone interested in applying to ask any questions they may have about the S3E Program — we highly encourage future participants to come along!

Check the available dates for S3E Start and S3E Charge and book your preferred session via Eventbrite. The earlier you join one of our Info Webinars, the more time you and your team will have to prepare before submitting your application.

Got any questions?

Check the FAQs section on our website, where you fill find an extensive list of answers regarding the S3E Program. If you would like to speak directly to someone from the S3E team, you can email us at info@south3e.eu

We look forward to creating long-lasting collaborations!

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