An engine of growth for European Deep Tech

Calling all stakeholders of the southern European science-based innovation ecosystem who want to contribute to bridge the gap from lab to market! S3E will provide skills to researchers and technology transfer actors in science-based entrepreneurship and technology commercialization, supporting growth stage start-ups in business development and in procuring investment, and providing technology brokerage for corporates and scale-up stage start-ups and SMEs.

Choose your track

Our program offers 3 tracks tuned-in to the maturity level of your idea

For Research Teams &Tech Transfer Offices


For startups in theirgrowth phase


For scale-ups& SMEs


S3E start

early stage

What is it?

An 18-week Hands-on Training Program on science-based entrepreneurship

Who can apply?

Research Teams and Tech Transfer Offices

Pick this track if you want to…

  • Identify and create economic value for Deep Tech
  • Evaluate the different paths to move to the market
  • Acquire skills in Ideation–Product –Commercialization
  • Communicate better to a non-scientific audience

S3E charge

growth stage

What is it?

A Mentoring and Networking program on Deep Tech

Who can apply?

Startups in their growth phase

Pick this track if you want to…

  • Develop a solid investment-ready Business Plan
  • Get access to non-dilutable and dilutable funding
  • Connect to ‘Innovation Leaders’ and ‘Strong Innovators’ Ecosystems
  • Reinforce IP protection

S3E reverse

Scale-up stage

What is it?

An Open Innovation program on Deep Tech

Who can apply?

Startups in their scale-up phase and SMEs

Pick this track if you want to…

  • Access a network of large corporations
  • Develop strategic projects to address specific challenges

What we are working on

2 open callscoming up

Participants in the program will be selected through Open Calls
Online applications only!
Webinars on how to apply will be announced in due time

150+ high-potentialDeep Tech venturesto be selected

50 Research teams and Tech transfer offices
60 Startups at growth stage
40+ corporate matches for scaling startups and SMEs